This is the first uncovered Cullinan series II

This is the first uncovered Cullinan series II

Not too long ago, the second series of the Cullinan was introduced. Shortly thereafter, the first one appeared with some small covered parts. However, here is a model that is completely visible.

It is clear that Rolls-Royce cannot release a facelift every two to three years like other car brands. Their cars are much more exclusive and rare, so there is no need for such frequent updates. When the time comes for Rolls-Royce to release a facelift or even an entirely new model, it is an occasion to celebrate.

Since the Rolls-Royce Cullinan has been the most successful and popular Rolls-Royce for some time now, it is certainly worthwhile for the brand to release a facelift at this moment. (To learn more about the second series of the Cullinan, click on this link.)

This example is the first uncovered one. Although this is somewhat exaggerated, as the first Cullinan Series II was so poorly disguised that it could hardly be called disguised at all. Every detail was recognizable. This specimen spotted in Ibiza, however, comes from Rolls-Royce itself, as can be easily recognized by the number. But it shouldn't be long until the first customer vehicle appears.
This is the first uncovered Cullinan series IIClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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