The Techart GT Street R is not to be messed with

The Techart GT Street R is not to be messed with

Imagine peacefully walking down the street and hearing the noise of whistling turbo’s coming your way. It must be quite the shock when you turn around and see a Techart GT Street R coming your way.

The company based in Leonberg knows very well how to take the Porsches that are rolling out of the factory and pushing these cars to the edge. The GT Street R is a perfect example. A very flashy body kit which is supposed to provide better aerodynamics is the first thing you notice about this car. When you move in closer you see some of the parts are made out of forged carbon, how amazing is that! The Gt Street R is available in 2 variants, the 630 bhp variant or the 700 bhp one. When you are showing off with this extensive body kit you might as well want to get the power that belongs with a aggressive looking car like this. When you do opt for the 700bhp version getting to 100km/h takes less than 3 seconds and the turbo’s will keep on whistling all the way to 340km/h.

Met de Techart GT Street R wil je niet sollen

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