The Ford GT and its 100 editions

The Ford GT and its 100 editions

Once again, a new special edition of the Ford GT emerges. This time it's the Signature Series. For the first time, we can see such a version here on Autogespot.

For many liveries of the legendary Ford GT40, special editions were built. There was, for example, the Heritage edition, of which there were three different series. Then there was the Carbon series, the Competition series, and the Alan Mann Heritage Edition. There was also the LM edition and some other smaller series. Series aside, here is the Signature Series. It is also a tribute to a legendary Ford GT 40 from the 1960s. What stands out in this model is that half of the vehicle is bright orange while the rest of it is painted white. This gives the vehicle a quite extraordinary yet beautiful look. Also, as with many Ford GTs, a race number is painted on the vehicle. Let's see how many more editions we encounter here on Autogespot.

The Ford GT and its 100 editionsClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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