Spotted for the first time: Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

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  • 2023-03-17 09:00
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Spotted for the first time: Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

2 years without uploading spots and re-enter with this super scoop. The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 has been spotted for the first time!

We start this Friday the 17th of March with a cool scoop. Gordon Murray, if that name doesn't mean anything to you, you should dive into the history books. Among others designer of the legendary McLaren F1. If we go further back in time, we see that the best man also designed a Formula 1 car. Not just one, one that turned the world upside down. A fan was fitted to the rear that sucked the car to the ground. We also see that principle on the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50! The fan provides more downforce and stability at higher speeds. Even during braking, it ensures that the rear axle is still sucked to the ground, reducing the braking distance by 10 meters from 240 km/h. That might be a nice gadget, there is even more beauty in the back. A V12 engine with manual gearbox that can run no less than 12,100 rpm! The block is also fully atmospheric and produces 683 hp. That feat, by the way, was designed by Cosworth. Specifications are not really known because Murray thinks it's about driving experience.

Spotted for the first time: Gordon Murray Automotive T.50Click on the photo for more photos of this spot!

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