Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Aventador by Horse-power

Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Aventador by Horse-power

Just like yesterday the car featured in this spot of the day article originates out of Italy. Right now the once so busy factory of Lamborghini is now completely quiet. Nothing is happening until it is determined the circumstances are safe to continue. Lets jut hope this will be soon.

This particular LP-700-4 Roadster is actually the 25th unique LP-700-4 Roadster to be spotted in the Miami Beach area. Just to show how active Horse-power is and how lucky ( or is skill involved?) he is, he managed to upload over half of those spots! Sixteen of them to be precise.
It took Lamborghini 50 years to get from the Miura to the Aventador. Along the way we saw the Countach, the Diablo and the Murcielago, the latter still has a special place in my heart.

Back when the Aventador released it was considered a mad car, it was the first car that had the iconic red plastic part you had to lift to start the car. The aventador also was the first V12 model in almost 50 years to get an all new V12 engine.
By now we are already heading towards the end of the Aventador line, we have had the Aventador SV, the SV roadster, next came the Aventador S and the Aventador S roadster, then we saw the SVJ and we can’t forget about the heap of special editions. How about the Miura edition, the Pirelli edition or the 50th anniversary edition?

Horse-power Would not be horse-power if he did not collect all the models listed above already except that ever elusive SVJ, I am sure it wont take him long to add that car to the ever growing list aswell.

West, congrats on yet another SOTD!

Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Aventador by Horse-power

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