One of twelve: Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

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One of twelve: Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

An exclusive party in March of 2020. Only twelve customers were able to purchase the Bentley Bacalar. Most copies have now been delivered, but it has never been spotted. That recently changed when PatrickC came across this one at Meerssen. His 4,444th spot!

Such a nice number of spots must of course be crowned with a great spot. That's the Bacalar. The Bentley costs 1.5 million euros and has no roof. So when it rains you are the "Sjaak" as we say it in Dutch. The basis of the Bacalar is of course the Bentley Continental GTC. However, a lot has been adjusted to make this a unique project. The open GT has been transformed into a two-seater. Where you will find a back seat in a Continental GT Convertible, the Bacalar has two powerdomes with luggage space underneath for specially designed Bentley bags that of course fit exactly in there. The power was also boosted to 659 hp. 25 hp more than the standard GTC. The appearance of the Bacalar is of course even more unique. Especially the front is extreme!

One of twelve: Bentley Mulliner BacalarClick on the photo for more photos of this spot!

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