Mercedes-AMG GT R Speedlegend is a special project

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  • 2022-07-15 10:27
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Mercedes-AMG GT R Speedlegend is a special project

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Speedlegend, a hobby project of merry-go-round giant Ron Bussink. Hobby projects rarely look so well finished. That is not so strange because the car is built by HWA. Hans Werner Aufrecht is one of the creators of AMG and so we know that the build of the Speedlegend was in good hands.

Last year the car was unveiled at The Quail on Pebble Beach. The prestigious event could not have been a better stage. A beautiful yellow example was shown there and here we now see a dark blue example in a dark garage in very good company. That group will come later. The GT R Speedlegend is based on, how could it be otherwise, the AMG GT R. The roof has been removed as well as the windscreen. Glasses are therefore not an unnecessary luxury when you get into this car. In the middle we find a kind of Halo as we know from Formula 1 to emphasize that racing feeling and most likely to guarantee the rigidity of the car. By default, the car is good for 575 hp. However, customers could also opt for 850 hp. Because standard is never enough for Bussink!

Mercedes-AMG GT R Speedlegend is a special projectKlik op de foto voor meer foto's van deze spot!

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