McLaren steals the show at the local valet parking

McLaren steals the show at the local valet parking

Not all super car brands fall "victim" to the hands of tuners. And surprisingly the British brands are the ones that are left alone. When is the last time you've seen an Aston Martin with a giant spoiler or custom body-skirts? And McLaren, other than the 12C we don't see too many tuners target their line of cars either. But there are exceptions, and of where else than the USA can we find a McLaren with some custom body parts and custom wheels.

Due to the many details it is not easy to create a tasteful kit for a McLaren. We've seen some examples that have questionable modifications, like this car that was spotted in Monaco, a modified McLaren 650S that really missed the mark (in my opinion). But the 570S spotted in Atlanta shows that some tuners get it right. The spoiler suits the 570S perfectly and the wheels are just right, and not as extreme as some of the other creations from the "Peach" State of Georgia.

McLaren steelt de show bij de lokale Valet parking

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