McLaren Speedtail shows up in Düsseldorf

  • Ruud
  • 2020-10-06 10:07
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McLaren Speedtail shows up in Düsseldorf

The McLaren Speedtail was a bomb dropped by McLaren in 2018. You hated or loved it. Now we can show you the first customer delivered Speedtail and it was spotted in Düsseldorf!

It is October 2018 when the Speedtail breaks the internet. Cameras are used as mirrors. The start button is implemented in the roof en the driver is in the middel of the car. A real hommage to the good old McLaren F1! The Speedtail is wanted but only 106 pieces are made. All of them were sold out in no-time. The Speedtail has 1050 bhp and can reach a topspeed of 403 km/h because of its aerodynamic sculpture. 0-300 km/h can be done in only 13 seconds! That is blistering fast. To bad we can only show you two photo's of this car but we hope to show more examples of the Speedtail to you soon! McLaren Speedtail duikt op in Düsseldorf

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