Spotter Horse-Power
Spotted in Atlanta (GA), United States of America
Date 2023-11-21 17:45

Today I am very excited to be posting up my 3,000 spot This past Saturday I came across this Georgia tagged Huracan Evo ( ERP062 ) that had a very unique paint job. I did perform a search through Vinwiki and was pleasantly surprised to learn that this bull was a special edition model. Only 36 cars were made for the entire world. Called a LP640-4 Evo GT Celebration Edition. Created to celebrate their victories at Daytona and Sebring. A very cool car for sure.


Camera model NIKON D3300
Aperture f/7.1
Shutterspeed 1/200 sec.
Focal length 18.0 mm

Auto details

No specifications known. Add specs for this car

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    GERMANY M.O.C.  - 2023-11-21 at 17:50

    Beautiful spot! Congrats on 3000 spots mate! ?

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    UNITED KINGDOM Snekily1  - 2023-11-21 at 17:52

    Such an insane spot! Congrats on the milestone! 3000 is crazy!!

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    NETHERLANDS fritsel  - 2023-11-21 at 17:54

    Congratz!! cool spot

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA JJustin  - 2023-11-21 at 17:57

    Wow!!!!!!! Very cool car and spot!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! Loads of spots too!!!!!!!

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    UNITED KINGDOM ST22HTV  - 2023-11-21 at 17:57

    Amazing milestone!!!! Congratulations on this amazing find! I once had the great honour to sit in a Huracán GT3 that had won a race in the USA. It was amazing

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    ITALY BsSpots  - 2023-11-21 at 17:58

    Insane post and milestone!

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    ITALY Dado_spotter  - 2023-11-21 at 18:08

    I comment on this spot to congratulate you on your achievement! beautiful car and truly monstrous!! I wish you the best man!

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    NETHERLANDS jonafx  - 2023-11-21 at 18:08

    Amazing spot and congrats on the milestone!

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    NETHERLANDS carphotography_daan  - 2023-11-21 at 18:09

    Awesome spot and congrats with the milestone!

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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  - 2023-11-21 at 18:17

    Great way to celebrate your milestone, congrats West! Sick find and spec!

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    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2023-11-21 at 18:22

    Such an awesome spot! I love the look of this unique Huracán!

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    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2023-11-21 at 18:23

    Oh, and congrats on the huge milestone! 3000 spots is a lot!

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    UNITED KINGDOM Joshyboy1236  - 2023-11-21 at 18:33

    Insane find! Wow! Crazy milestone! Mad!

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    NETHERLANDS AB_Carphotography  - 2023-11-21 at 19:14

    Amazing find! Great special! Congrats on the 3000 spots

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hoosier_Exotics  - 2023-11-21 at 19:52

    Awesome spot West! Absolutely insane special Edition! Looks so mean!

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    NETHERLANDS ww_carphotography_  - 2023-11-21 at 19:54

    Very cool spot to celebrate the 3000 spots! Congratulations!

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    UKRAINE Rostyslav  - 2023-11-22 at 02:21

    Congrats on your milestone with such a cool spot

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NCspotter  - 2023-11-22 at 06:56

    Awesome spot and congrats on 3000 posts! Simply a staggering number!

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    RUSSIA Exclusive BeNeLux  - 2023-11-22 at 08:40

    Nice spec on this bull! Huge congrats on the milestone mate! This is a very large number of cars you spotted

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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  - 2023-11-22 at 09:23

    Insane find and :huge congrats on your 3000 spot and milestone West : weldone mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    UNITED KINGDOM JJMad  - 2023-11-22 at 12:49

    Looks so amazing and congrats on that massive milestone!

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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  - 2023-11-22 at 15:18

    Awesome car and congrats for the milestone West! ?️

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA silcar  - 2023-11-22 at 20:20

    Crazy spot, congrats on 3000!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lambo_Spotter  - 2023-11-23 at 05:27

    Very cool find! Definitely a cool car to use as a milestone post. 3000 posts is pretty impressive, congrats.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-11-23 at 06:38

    Thanks to all for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really do appreciate you kind words. Moritz, Ben, Fritsel, Justin, Linus, Edoardo, Davide, Jonathan, Daan, Robert, Filippo, Horacio, Andele, John, Wytze, Nick, Kashirin, Francky, JJMad, Giacomo, Samuel, and Kyle.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-11-23 at 07:14

    Thank you as well, Rostyslav. Much appreciated, mate.

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    NETHERLANDS TB_carspots  - 2023-11-23 at 15:41

    Congrats on your milestone, keep up the good work! Amazing Huracan too!

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    NETHERLANDS autospotter#lenno  - 2023-11-23 at 17:56

    A huge congrats on your personal milestone, West. Go on!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  - 2023-11-24 at 02:23

    Great find West. Congrats on your milestone! Quite the achievement ?

  30. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-11-25 at 08:48

    Thank you very much, Thom, Lenno, and Jonathan.

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    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  - 2023-11-25 at 18:05

    Congrats on the milestone pal!! You found that special one and indeed it is! Fab paintwork and spec! ? Awesome work West!

  32. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-11-26 at 10:45

    Thanks David. I really do appreciate your comment, buddy.

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    HUNGARY ShaytonSky  - 2023-12-03 at 16:46

    Incredible spot buddy! What a great way to celebrate such a special milestone for you! Truly an exceptional car, a real gem in any spotter's collection. Congrats on spotting this spectacular bull my friend, and I wish you many many more awesome spots in the years to come!

  34. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-12-04 at 09:43

    Thanks for the very kind words, Greg. I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment. @ShaytonSky

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