For the first time: Lamborghini Urus S

  • Ruud
  • 2023-01-20 08:54
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For the first time: Lamborghini Urus S

For the second times within a month, a new variant of the Lamborghini Urus is spotted in Brussels. Last month we had the Urus Performante, now the Urus S.

An Urus S? Isn't that just the Performante? No, even though the Urus S also has 666 hp, it is a slightly different car. This is the successor to the standard Urus. With its thicker spoiler work and lower weight, the Performante is still the more dynamic of the two. The Urus S has, among other things, a new exhaust system. You can recognize it visually by its new front bumper, complete with a dark skid plate and a grille that is completely black. Optionally, this can all be made in carbon fiber, but the wallet has to be drawn for that. So after four years a facelift for the Urus of which more than 20,000 copies have now been made!

Click on the photo for more photos of this spot!

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