First Ferrari 812 Competizione shows up in Monaco

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  • 2022-03-30 13:43
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First Ferrari 812 Competizione shows up in Monaco

Ferrari's 812 Competizione, a hardcore Ferrari with a V12 in the front that produces 830 hp! This makes it the strongest Ferrari engine ever to date. One of the first was delivered in the Netherlands, but it has not been spotted until now. Now we see the first private copy in Monaco. How could it be different.

Monaco often comes up with first spots of new cars. Today it is no different with the 812 Competizione. Major changes in the shape of the car have created extreme profiles never seen before on a road car. The front bumper has been significantly modified as well as the hood. The real fireworks can be found at the back. The rear window had to make way for an aluminum structure that guides the air even better. Looking back is also done by a camera. That will take some getting used to for the driver, but Maserati has already introduced this in the MC20. Also take a look at that gigantic diffuser! Will Ferrari also come with an 812 XX? Because then it becomes completely terrifying what we are going to see.

First Ferrari 812 Competizione shows up in MonacoClick on the photo for more photos of this spot!

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