Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta IN THE WILD!

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  • 2016-07-12 14:56
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Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta IN THE WILD!

Does it differ all that much from the coupe? Nope. Is it a lot more exclusive? That's for sure. Rumour has it that probably only 80 LaF Aperta's will be made, which will mean the car will go up in value like crazy. The car was shown in official pictures last week and at the Paris Auto Show Ferrari will release more information on this beastly machine!

I think Ferrari doesn't even have to do the last part, because everything will most likely be known by then. A lot of clients already het to hear this information, and a lot of times this information gets in the hands of someone who can't keep his mouth shut (I'm looking at you, Alejandro Salomon). Of course, this is nice for us automotive journalists, because it always is a sport to be the first to share this kind of information with the rest of the world. The LaFerrari Aperta was spotted in Italy yesterday. While you can't see many differences with the coupe, this is it. For real. The roof shows the little panel gaps which are necessary if you ant to remove the roof. Now, we wait for the first photo's of the LaFerrari Aperta without the roof!

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta in het wild

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