Dark green Huracán Performante looking sophisticated

Dark green Huracán Performante looking sophisticated

Reflecting the pure lines and performance of Lamborghini Super Trofeo race cars, the design takes inspiration, particularly at the rear, from naked performance motorcycles, with their exposed frames and ‘street fighter’ structures expressing function and performance. The aggressive street fighter look is tamed in this stunning dark green color. It makes the car look more sophisticated and luxurious.

Moreover, the design highlights the active aerodynamics (ALA) and lightweight build that are so integral to the car. Gloss, naked Forged Composite with its ability to be shaped or moulded in a single piece, is always used in ALA components, alongside matt and gloss black carbon fiber features contrasting with the matt body color: shown in a new matte orange (Arancio Anthaeus) on the Huracán Performante in Geneva.

The new front is sophisticated and razor-blade sharp like a race car, with the design of the air intakes and splitter giving the impression of incisors, reminiscent of a striking snake. The active aerodynamic front spoiler is clearly visible in Forged Composite. The front bumper has no grills emphasizing lightweight, efficiency and sportiveness.

Donkergroene Huracán Performante ziet er deftig uit

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