All rules for Autogespot listed

All rules for Autogespot listed

Autogespot is an enormous website and keeps on growing. In March we launched a new website. We already have 840.000 spots on the website. Of course there are some rules regarding the uploading of the spots. We think it's a good idea to list the rules again, so everyone is aware of these rules.

There are a few rules to uploading your spots:

From 1 January 2019 we no longer accept so called camping spots. Campingspots are spots where spotters park their camping chair on a main road leading to the event or next to the highway. The result is a website flooding with tens or hundreds of cars heading to an event. For example: Supercar Sunday spots photographed on the highway. We no longer accept these campingspots to prevent flooding and seeing the same stuff over and over again. The full article on this can be found here.

Of the allowed Porsche-models the Porsche Carrera is the most spotted. This is why we implemented special rules for the Carrera's. When you spot a Carrera model (see list below) you must have at least four pictures of the car standing still. If the car drives around there must be at least two photos, however we prefer more pics. Please try to capture different angles. These rules do not apply to the spy shots. The cars that DO fall under these rules are the:

- 997 Carrera (4) GTS (Convertible)
- 997 Carrera (4)S (Convertible) [MkI and MkII]
- 991 Carrera (4) GTS (Convertible) [MkI and MkII]
- 991 Carrera (4)S (Convertible) [MkI and MkII]
- 997 Targa 4S [MkI and MkII]
- 991 Targa 4S [MkI and MkII]
- 991 Targa 4 GTS [MkI and MkII]

Just like with the Carrera's, the Bentley Continentals are often spotted. For the Bentley continental there also have to be four pictures when the car is standing still and two if the car is driving. This rule does not concern spy shots but does concern:

- Bentley Continental GT(C) (Speed)
- Bentley Continental Flying Spur (Speed)
- Bentley Flying Spur V8 (S)
- Bentley Flying Spur W12 (S)

Pictures taken on or around a racetrack will not be accepted. This includes the track parking lot and acces roads to the track. For large events we also do not accept spots of cars driving towards the event through access roads, even when these cars are on public roads. If there's a major event there's also an upload ban of spots for the entire city. There is an exception for the spots around the Nürburgring, see below.

We do not accept spots that are taken place on the property or near a car dealership or other car related business. Car related businesses include: wrap shops, detail shops, parts shops and tuners, car dealerships, garages, service workshops etc. These rules apply to any car uploaded at any dealership/car business. This means that if someone brings their Ferrari to a Volkswagen dealership and parks on the lot of the dealership, this Ferrari cannot be uploaded. Please do not attempt to upload such spots, found in the near vicinity of a dealership of car business. In Maranello we no longer accept Ferraris on factory plates, just like we do not accept Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese on factory plates. Spyshots are exempt from this policy.

If you have already uploaded this car, you may not upload it again. Every unique car can only be spotted once per spotter.

Private property
If you suddenly find a nice car 'hidden' on private property we will usually not accept the spot on the website. We often see spots taken through bushes, gates or garage doors, these spots cannot be uploaded to the site. Under every circumstance we will delete the spot if the owner contacts us asking to have the spot removed. Please make sure you have permission to upload from the property or car owner to prevent your spot being deleted.

Spots from events/meetings or acces routes to these events/meetings can't be uploaded. It is useless to upload spots of cars that are on their way to an event and are on an access road to the event (such as Supercar Sunday in Assen). These images can be sent to, we may use them for a frontpage article. We reserve the right to delete any spots if we suspect this rule is being violated.

Sometimes it's hard to take good pictures. The car can be parked together with many other cars, it can be far away or you may have forgotten to properly set up your camera. We want each spot to contain at least one sharp photo of the front, and one sharp photo of the rear of the car. Remember that you can only upload ten images per spot, please also try to have ten photos. We would appreciate it if these photos are diverse: Detail shot, profile shot, front, rear etc. Of course this is a subjective rule, for special spots we may make an exception to this rule. At all times we expect you to upload as high a quality images as possible.

For big cities we have a special ‘big city’ policy. Because large cities usually attract a higher density of supercars we expect you to take good photos. Every day we get hundreds of spots and we don’t want to disadvantage those who put a lot of work into taking and processing the photos. We also strongly discourage ‘camping’ on one busy street and uploading many monotonous photos. This also goes for highway spots. If you systematically upload the exact same type of photos (a car driving on the highway where all angles are identical) then we may remove your spot under the ‘quality’ tag. We can also remove photos if you're camping at a busy street in a big city and your photos are all one front and one rear, but five times, where the car moves inches per photo. Has your spot been removed and do you think the quality is awesome? That's great, but in the end we make the final decision. You can email your questions to

License plate
If your spot has been removed under tag ‘license plate’ you did not fill in a license plate while the car has one. You can re-upload your spot with the correct license plate info.

If you’ve uploaded a BMW M5 but it turned out to be a 530d, a Carrera 4S while it is a Carrera 2 your spot will be deleted under tag ‘fake’. The same rule applies to replica and/or kit-cars. AC Cobra, Ford GT40 and Porsche 550 Speedster replicas are exempt from this rule.

Not spotworthy
We decide which cars are accepted on the site. If you have spotted a car that is not on the website it will most likely not be accepted, unless of course if you spotted a brand new (super)car which was just released or have a spy shot. In that case you should send an email to We will decide if the spot is spotworthy. We frequently re-evaluate which cars are spotworthy, depending on the rate of uploading.

There is an exemption to the ‘track rule’. The Nürbrugring is privileged. You ARE allowed to upload near the track, however we do not accept spots from the following locations:

- The track(s) itself.
- Entrance Breidscheid in Adenau.
- Entrance/parking of the Nordschleife, including the roundabout in front of the main entrance in Nürburg.
- Paddock GP-Strecke in Nürburg.

Because uploading around the Nürburgring is a privilege, not a right, we can remove spots under the ’Nürburg rule’ if the spot is deemed irrelevant. Please keep in mind that there are many events around the ‘Ring. The ‘event’ rules supersede the ’Nürburg’ privileges. Event calendar see here and here.

Not all cars will be accepted. Click here for the cars we don’t accept around the Nürburgring.

You have reported your own spot under this tag because you want to upload better pictures. It is also possible we remove your spot under this tag. If your spot has been removed under 're-upload' you can re-upload your spot. We can let you re-upload spots if the first photo is not about the car you uploaded and this is done solely to get more views. We have no issue with you uploading this photo, as long as it's not the first photo.

At request of owner
If your spot gets removed under this tag, the owner has informed us he/she does not want to have their cars uploaded to Autogespot. This means we do not appreciate you re-uploading the spot without the license plate (info). Please respect the car owner.

Old model
If you, for instance, uploaded a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S your spot will not be accepted. If you uploaded an older model of a car we don’t accept anymore your spot will be removed/refused under the tag 'old model'.

Location info
We would like you to fill in the correct location info when uploading a spot. This means that if you uploaded a spot from the highway, you select the nearest city or village as location info. We do not accept 'Autobahn', 'Snelweg', or 'Near […]' and similar as location info, but 'Highway' is accepted. If you visit a county which has states (such as the United States and Canada) you must also fill in the state name. Some cities/towns exist in multiple states.

Too large / too small
The photos you’ve uploaded may be too small (resulting in a pixelated image) or too large. We need your photos to be 2540 pixels wide, with a maximum size of 5mb per photo.

When you upload a spot you will be redirected to the following page. We explain what to fill in per slot.

All rules for Autogespot listed

License plate: Here you full in the license plate of the car you spotted. If the car does not have a license plate you do not have to write anything. After filling in the license plate a notice may pop up. With the notice ‘the owner does not want this car on Autogespot’ you cannot upload this car. Please do not leave the license plate info blank to work around this restriction. If you accidentally leave the license plate info blank you can re-upload your spot.

All brands: In this slot you can fill in the brand of the car you spotted. If the license plate is known to our database the brand and model will automatically appear. If the brand and model info appears incorrect you can edit it.

All types: If this has not been done automatically you can enter the model of the car you spotted. If you do not know which model you spotted please look up the most common models and pick the one your spot resembles most to. If the model has never been spotted please check the ‘type not found’ box and fill in the correct info (to the best of your knowledge).

All countries: The place where you fill in the country in which your spot was spotted.

City: The city in which your spot was spotted.

Select a color: Here you select the color that resembles the color on the car most. If the car is ‘matte’ or ‘chrome’ please select that option. Both can be selected simultaneously.

YouTube Video: Here you can provide a link to a youtube video you made of the spotted car.

Description: The description may be left blank. If you have something interesting or nice to say about the spot you can write it in the description.

This is a spyspot: 'Spyspot' is a term for a car that a manufacturer is using for testing. These are cars that have not been presented to the public yet, and will often drive around camouflaged so specific lines in the bodywork are harder to recognize. If you see a car that fits this description select this option.

No comments allowed under this spot: If, for whatever reason, you rather not have comments under your spot you can select this option.

Drag your pictures here: Here you upload your photos. The pictures must be at least 1280 pixels wide and at most 3mb of size. If your photos do not meet these criteria the images will not go through and your spot may not appear on the site, or may get deleted.

Did everything go well? You can now click on ‘Upload spot’. Your spot will appear on the site in a few minutes!

Some general info:

If your spot gets deleted you should get an email with a reason. Please do not keep on uploading a deleted spot but send us an email when you don’t get the automatically generated email. Autogespot reserves the right to delete any spot or other content on the website, even if the spot in question adheres to all rules posted above. If you have any questions about the spot you can send them to We do not discuss other spotters. We may not be able to answer your email straight away, please do not spam our inbox :)

Please keep hate speech, dirty imagery and other nonsense to yourself. Autogespot is not the place to post this content. Please keep it friendly and respect others. If we deem your behavior unfit for the platform, we may ban you. Please send tips and questions regarding front page articles to Questions about ads, merchandise, Spot of the Day T-Shirts etc can be sent to

The ‘report spot’ button can be found by the spot details. If something isn’t right or if the spot violates any of the rules, please report the spot. Do not abuse this function. Every reported spot will be checked. there is no use in constantly reporting spots from a competitive spotter. If you file to many false reports there will be consequences.

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