A somewhat outdated comrade

A somewhat outdated comrade

With a Lumma Design Widebody Kit, you're already standing out. Isn't that enough attention? A chrome wrapping and absurd rims might be practical. The spotter points out that the owner of this bizarre creation was the boss of a wrapping company. As a wrapper, you probably see the strangest things, so it's no wonder this person wanted to try it out. Nevertheless, one might think that this BMW is no longer quite so contemporary, as this type of tuning has long since fallen out of favor.

We've seen this Lumma Design kit a few times, but what do we actually see? A complete body kit with widebody, skirts, lips, and so on is installed. Some of the parts are installed as standard in matte black, but this owner wanted none of that. A bright blue chrome wrap covers everything, and the details are coated in silver chrome. In addition, the lights are darkened, it's riding on other 35mm lower springs, and it has a different exhaust system. The exhaust systems are bizarre, just like the whole car. Is that all? Some aesthetic adjustments and a new exhaust system? Certainly not, Lumma knows how to handle the engine as well. According to Lumma, they give the car 750 PS and 980 Nm of torque, which is an increase of a whopping 175 PS and 230 Nm of torque! This increases the top speed by 50 km/h, so you can now race down the road with your X6 at over 300 km/h. And even the rims that Lumma includes as standard weren't eye-catching enough: Huge white slippers are screwed underneath.

As the license plate reveals, we can conclude that this is a true Alpha-BMW. Art or kitsch?
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