A piece of Dutch history

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A piece of Dutch history

Since Autogespot was founded, the Spyker brand has made our spotters' hearts beat faster. After all, the brand was founded around the same time that the site appeared. Ever since 2005, when we welcomed the first Spyker model, we're delighted with each piece of Dutch pride.

The lifespan of the sports car brand from Zeewolde seemed a bit shorter than our beautiful site. But it still seems that the brand is still, or once again, active. The brand was brought back by a group of Russian investors early 2022. However we cannot say whether that is still relevant in the current political circumstances. Fortunately, this C8 Double 12S takes us back to better times.

The timeless design of the C8 isn't just show. The tell comes from a 4-liter V8 which was pulled from the BMW shelves. Racing-famous Mader provided the block with the necessary adjustments. This allowed the 8-cylinder to generate between 400 (Stage I) and 620 (Stage V) horsepower. If you purchased the most powerful version of the C8 Double 12S, you're able to complete the 0-100 sprint in 3.8 seconds and the speedometer only stops at 345 km/h.

In 2012 this specific car made it's first appearance. Since then it has just been seen five more times. Cool detail is that the car still has the same Dutch license plate. All in all, it's not surprising that spotter Autofreakjes won the Dutch Spot of the Day trophy. What a delightful spot.

A piece of Dutch historyClick on the photo for more pictures of this spot!

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